Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February 1st, 2011

It has been a while, again.  So much happens when you live in the ICU.  To catch you up to speed, Endurance "crashed" almost two weeks ago...at 2:30 am to be precise.  They paged us and said that they were considering intubating Endurance again.  Mike immediately ran over to the hospital (I praise God we live so close to do this very thing!), and discussed with the attending doctor and decided that they would put him back on the C-PAP.  Hence, that's what he's been on since then.  Also his feeds have been shut off.

Endurance's heart rates are regularly in the 170s - 180s.  His respiratory is a bit higher now as well.  He also was diagnosed with a virus called the adenovirus or the "killer cold," which has put him in isolation for over a week so far.  Anyone who comes in his room now garbs themselves with yellow robes, masks, and gloves.  And our little ones under 10 may not see him (a new curve ball as to who goes to the hospital with Mama and who stays home).  It's been hard on "the littles" not getting to see "Dernance," as little Faith calls her little brother.

And then today...
Our little pumpkin started his day not well.  Not well at all.  Each breath was a huge tug on his lungs and rib cage.  His heart rate was high.  His saturations, something I'm still learning about, were low.  Very low.  Too low for this little man.  X-rays were taken to see if he had a collapsed lung.  No.  An echocardiogram was given to see if there was any perfusion around his heart.  No.  Blood was drawn.  Tests and more tests were taken.  I called Mike and asked him to come over right away.  He was not doing well.  Re-intubating him was discussed in rounds.  That's what Mike and I have requested if Endurance cannot under any other circumstances tolerate the C-PAP anymore.  The doctors expressed their agreement that they don't want to intubate Endurance unless absolutely necessary and if he didn't get any better, it would be absolutely necessary.  AND if they had to do it, to make sure we knew that he could die during the procedure.  He could possibly have a cardiac arrest, or not handle the paralytic drug that must be given, etc, etc.

After rounds Mike called one of our dear church elders to let him know what was going on.  Immediately the urgent prayer request was spread with a request to pray and fast if possible.  God answers prayers!!!!!  Within 45 minutes after the doctors rounded and the next set of tests were performed, his lactate level had gotten lower (the most crucial), his heart rate was lowering, his temperature lowered, and praise God, his breathing was showing much improvement.  God answered in His time, and showed me in so many ways today how He is in charge of Endurance.

I am (oh so slowly) learning that I can do nothing except with God's strength.  I am running this race with Endurance only with His strength.  Only His amazing grace.  I never really, really understood what that beautiful hymn meant until Endurance was born.  Now it's a daily walk in God's amazing grace.  And how sweet it is.

I ask that you pray for God to heal Endurance, if it pleases Him.

May God bless you!  ~Heather


  1. We continue to pray for you, Endurance and your entire family.

    In Him,
    The Seargeant Family

  2. I will keep praying for him! I know God can heal your sweet baby if He so chooses, and I will pray for this as well. It is amazing to think of how God knows of every detail of what is going on with Endurance's body, and He has it completely in His power to heal him, if that is His will.


  3. I praise God that his faithfuless continues to be evident to you guys, as is your testimony before us all as you journey on. Praying still!