Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Quick Update

I have a quick update regarding Endurance...

Last Thursday night, sadly when we were all at dinner, Endurance was intubated (a breathing tube down his mouth and connected to a ventilator).  It was an event that God's hands were completely in charge.  The procedure went better than expected, from the doctor's standpoint.  Oh how God directs the hands of the doctors.  They gave him the sedatives so slowly due to his condition.  He came out of them quite well. 

Had he not been intubated, his nurse said that he most likely would have passed away that night or early the next morning.  When Endurance's next nurse came in for her shift in the morning, she looked at Endurance and started crying.  Mike was there and said she then took a deep breath and said she'd be fine, and then went on to her duties.  Now, nobody can convince me that this cute little pumpkin has not had an influence on the staff here.

He is showing improvment in his over-all counts and numbers.  He had a nice nap this morning with his heart rate going as low as 138.

They started his feeds again.  If this doesn't take my breath away when I hear that they want to try.  I have done a complete turn around by not wanting to push him any farther about his feeds.  So we're just watching him today.  He's been gagging a lot and needing suctioned a lot.  Also throwing up, but that happened yesterday as well, before his feeds.  So the watch to see if he'll stomach the breastmilk is on.  God is in such control of even this situation.  The nurse said they will retape his breathing tube and see if that will help stop some of the gagging.

Other than all of this, he seems to be doing "well."  You have to watch him more closely so you know when he's awake, as you cannot hear him anymore.  He used to be the loudest pair of lungs in the CICU!  He was famous!  I could recognize his cry from down the hall.  Now his room is pretty silent, except for his cooling blanket machine and the slight sounds of his ventilator.

I will have to write later to talk just about the "end-of-life" conversations we've been having with doctors and nurses.

We've been praying for God to give Endurance the best nurses that will really take good care of him and not walk out of the room much.  I praise God that today's nurse was the exact one we asked for!  God is so sweet to have given Kelly as Endurance's nurse today.  She's the nurse that kissed him and said "I love him!"

Until then, we thank you for your consistant prayers for Endurance!


  1. I'm glad to hear that things are going at least a little better. Thank God for the small joys.. like seeing how Endurance has touched the hearts of those around him :)

  2. Our prayers and hearts continue with you.

    The Seargeant Family

  3. Dear Holston Family,

    We are praying for you family and baby through this hard time.

    In Christ,
    ~The Strang Family

  4. God is so awesome - I am so thankful for how He has been working on Endurance, caring for him, and holding him in His care. Your little baby is sooooooo cute and I will pray that God would help him to be able to handle the feeds!


  5. Heather,
    Kristen had told me about Endurance's intubation. I am so glad that you are seeing some improvements. How difficult it is to see our little ones stuggle so hard. Hugs to you, Mama.

    If you find the time, please know that you are more than welcome to email me. doleclan (at) rezmail (dot) com.

    May the Lord hold Endurance close and give you the peace and wisdom you need as you watch over and advocate for him.

  6. We will continue to keep Endurance in prayer,
    God bless all of you and we pray that God will grant you continual strength through this time.

    *virtual hug* give you a real one next time we see you.
    Love y'all.

    Cousin, nephew, brother in Christ,
    Standfast in the Lord,

  7. Happy birthday today Endurance! 5 months old!

    The Wanless Family

    I so miss seeing you and your mommy... I miss visiting you at the hospital, but you are in my heart, thoughts and in my prayers every day, every single day...
    You are precious and you are loved...

    Anabel Elliott

  9. you don't know us yet, but we're friends of Cary and Lois Green and live in Germany. We are praying for this precious one and for God's will. May he grant you all the grace and strength you need for each day. The Hurja Family.