Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I was looking through some pictures......

Endurance is having a good day, he is as cute as a button!  We are praising God for this little sweetpea, what a precious gift!!!
I was looking through some pictures and I thought I would share.........
January: Getting groomed for the day!
Starting out with a shampoo...
(photo credits go to David:)

He loves his hair being combed, that's for sure!

February: These were taken two days before he was intubated.
What a blessing to have captured these!
(we were waiting for a new C-Pap mask to be put on,
so his nurse took advantage of it and gave him a shampoo.)


In case you're wondering "how's he breathing?"  The clear tube behind Endurance is blowing out oxygen.  I think he was more concern about remembering his sibling's names!

A very tender moment...!

A dear friend made Endurance a "pumpkin" hat and mittens!

One of the most recent photos of our little boy!
His breathing tube is now going down his nose.
Maybe we'll get a smile from him yet!


  1. I was just thinking to myself just how much Endurance looks like David before reading that David deserved a byline for the pics! Very sweet! Love those bright eyes!

    Ammanda Wanless

  2. Yes, he is adorable! Praying for your pumpkin!
    Carolyn Y

  3. He is so adorable..what a love...

  4. So sweet and adorable! He looks just like a Holston all right! Precious gift from God. We continue to pray for you all.
    Dawn Rise

  5. Thanks for the update Heather! What a REAL "sweet pea"! xoxoxo Melissa

  6. Good looking little boy... kinda looks like David

    Love Y'all