Monday, February 28, 2011

Two Updates

I have had a difficult time finding time to post updates for Endurance.  My apologies.  They get written in my head and stay there.  So, here are two updates that Mike sent to our church family, the first from Sunday morning and the second is Monday evening.  May God be praised!

They asked for a "3-D" Echocardiogram this week, a newer technology, and using a machine that the hospital has recently purchased.  They were "testing it out," so to speak, on Endurance.  One of the reasons, is that a Dr that had been off on maternity leave and recently came back had a dream (!!!!) of Endurance the other night, and came in that day telling the other Cardiologists that they needed to see if there was something more they could find as an option for Endurance!
The Lord be praised!  They will present Endurance's case again to the full Monday morning 40 member decision group within the next couple of weeks.  Maybe they will see something new, or at least make a decision to try a surgery that may be very risky, but may have life lengthening possibilities.  It is in the Lord's hands, and we thank Him for his loving mercies.
An update regarding his "presentation" before the group of doctors......the presentation will be this Wednesday!
Early this morning, while Sarah and the nurse where changing Endurance's linens, his PICC line (where his medicine's are given to him) came out - just came all the way out of his leg, and fell right onto the bed!  We're talking about a line that goes in his leg, tunnels around under the skin, enters into a femoral vein in his groin area, then goes all the way up into his right Atrium (part of his heart). It just came out! 

They had an IV put in his foot temporarily.  The praise is that this afternoon, Endurance successfully underwent a surgery / procedure to put in a new Central Line!  Not only were there no complications, but all of us, (8 or so?) were following him all the way down the long hallway to the surgery room to say "goodbye for now," and they let us halfway into the room there to pray for him and to see him one more time.

Due to Endurance growing to over 5 Kilos now, they were able to fit in a double lumen line - something the ICU staff are all thrilled about.  It means they can draw blood on one of the lines, without having to stop all of his meds from the other line, as they are forced to do now.  And they can also give meds at the same time that are not compatible through the same "lumen" or line.

God is Good.  Yes, He can even use a short term 'catastrophe' to turn out for the Best!

In Christ,

Mike (for all of the Holstons)
Thank you for all of your prayers for little Endurance.  God is using this little pumpkin in mighty ways here in Seattle.


  1. How encouraging this news is - to hear of a doctor who has renewed passion to find whatever helps there are available to Endurance! We look forward to hearing what comes of the next few days! Praying still!

    Ammanda Wanless

  2. Thanking God for His love to us always..and in all ways..

    With much love for the little one and you all...


  3. God is amazing! Thank you for the updates!! (And Endurance is such a sweetie!! He's so adorable. =)