Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tuesday, January 18th

Deuteronomy 32:36
"For the LORD will vindicate His people, and will have compassion on His servants, when He sees that their strength is gone, and there is none remaining, bond or free."

Today was a bit exhausting for me, and not to forget exhausting for Endurance.

Endurance's feeds were turned off again today.  He was getting 1ml an hour, which is about 1/5th tsp.  It goes back and forth, on and off so often that I don't wonder why he doesn't gain much weight.  He's now at 4.7 kilos, which is a little under 10 1/2 lbs.  About 2 1/2 pounds weight gain since birth.  The doctor's explanation for today's food shutdown was for Endurance's agitation and high heart rates not coming down.  He was still upset afterward too.  The doctors really don't have a good explanation for his frequent agitation.

Endurance had 7 in-house visitors today, including an occupational therapist.  She told me Endurance will start having little therapy sessions, training him to get his neck strengthened, so when he sleeps he doesn't shift his head backwards, almost touching his back.  Definitely not a chiropractor's recommended position!

Endurance also had two different chaplains visit at two different times.  One of them also has another job description and that's what Mike and I know him as.  The other one, a woman, came to meet me.  I must admit that I felt completely uncomfortable.   I didn't send for her and I really didn't want to talk to her at that moment.  If I want to talk about the possibility of our son dying, I'd rather talk to Mike, one of our elders, or a godly friend.  Sorry, I just feel like they are "pushing" Endurance through their line sometimes.  She did get Hannah and Noah doughnuts though.  Buttering them up???

Endurance smiles now when he's happy!  Absolutely adorable!!!!  He tries to say baby "hello's" as well.  He seems to be pretty out-going.

Thank you again for all of your prayers and encouraging words!!!!  I'm hoping to have a better day tomorrow.

Oh, something cute: yesterday Endurance was going to have the dear McKinley family from church visit, so I asked for a comb to get rid of Endurance's "mad scientist" hair.  His nurse Kelly said, "well let's just give him a shampoo and make him smell good instead."  Great!  After he was finished and hair all dolled up, Kelly gave him a kiss on his forehead and said, "I shouldn't have done that without asking, but he's soooo cute!  I love him!"  Endurance will put Kelly on his nurse request form!


  1. Hello Holston family,
    We are continuing to pray for you and Endurance here in Middle Tennessee.

    Christa, for the Smith Family.

  2. Thank you for the update! I love sweet little Endurance, and will continue to pray for him and you all.


    p.s. I heard about his stroller ride (Mommy told me) - how fun! =)

  3. Love, love, LOVE that Endurance's nurse just was overwhelmed with his sweetness that he needed a kiss! I know that isn't probably pc in the medical world, but such a sweet testament to her care for him. Warm's our Mama-hearts to know he has a nurse that lovingly tends him. I wonder if Nurse Kelly knows what a blessing that little smooch was...