Monday, May 2, 2011

Prayers Needed

Endurance came down with a virus last week which is a common cold to us healthy folk, yet can be tremendous to someone with a compromised immune system.  Back in isolation!!!  He also has tracheitis which was found on Friday.  His lungs stopped ventilating the CO2 out, and they had to put him on a different ventilator in order to keep him alive this weekend.  This is the last thing they said they can do to help him.  The nurses have been getting plenty of secretions out of his lungs since he's been on this new ventilator, which has helped greatly.  It's amazing to watch this machine.  It's giving him 660 breaths a minute and therefore vibrates him.  It's quite loud and sounds like a model T Ford.

This morning one of his doctors said that saying that Endurance is "stabile" is an overshot.  But he has not gotten any worse either since Saturday.  We thank God for this so much!
Please pray that we can quickly get him off of this oscillating ventilator, as Endurance has to be completely paralyzed the entire time he is on it.

On top of this, Friday and Saturday was our statewide Christian Heritage Home School - Family Discipleship Conference.  God is amazing to have made it possible for us to go to most of it.  We were truly, truly blessed by the sessions, even though we had to leave early and rush back to the hospital Saturday afternoon.  God has blessed us with amazing brothers and sisters in Christ that after finding out our situation, packed their families up (meaning leaving the conference early too), came to the hospital, blessed us with dinner and fellowship, and watched our children so we could be back with Endurance.  Thank you!!!

Our entire family is blessed by all of your prayers and encouragment as we continue on this race!


  1. Oh, I didn't see you at the conference! Here's a make-up (((hug!!!)))

  2. Hi Holston Family,
    We are praying for little Endurance every day!

    Blessings from the Smith Family in Middle Tennessee

  3. Love to you and Endurance. We are praying.