Wednesday, May 25, 2011

He Ran the Race with Endurance

Dear friends of Endurance,

Endurance passed away this morning. His heart stopped and the doctors were not able to get it started again after half an hour of trying.

Thank you all for your many hours of prayers and fasting, for your visits and calls and e-mails and gifts, and countless other expressions of love, encouragement and blessings to the Holstons. I know you will continue to show your love to them in the days ahead.

Please continue to pray for the Holston family that God may uphold them in this time.

We praise God for this Beautiful Life that touched so many and give thanks to God for His will.

"Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you."
1 Thessalonians 5:18

Brad Petersen
For the Holston Family


  1. We hurt for you in your loss ( and ours..we loved little Endurance, too), but trust God still for His love toward us all.

    We are thankful that you were able to pursue every opportunity known to man. We can have rest in knowing that God's will has been done. We praise Him for His goodness to you and His continued care for you all.

  2. May the Lord comfort you and keep you strong as you remember a beautiful and precious life. I am praying for you. God bless you.

  3. The Wanless FamilyMay 25, 2011 at 11:25 AM

    Waiting with hugs for your return, and trusting God to give you great comfort as you remember this beautiful little man's life, and continue the race that the Lord has set before you.

    Love you guys -

  4. Praying for the Lord's comfort for you all and trusting that He knows what is best. We will miss sweet little Endurance.
    Carolyn, for the Youngs

  5. ((Surrounding you with our love and prayers))
    Much love,
    The Criss Family

  6. I am praying for you, Holstons!

    Love you all,

  7. Mike & Heather,

    I am proud, before the Lord, of the greatness that He has manifested in your steadfastness to obey Him and to follow Him alone. Your faithfulness to seek His wisdom in the face of opposition (based on the 'philosophy of men') is a testimony to all who have witnessed Endurance's journey.

    We send our love and continued prayers.

    Nicholas & Heather Karavidas & Family

  8. The Ray Family (Charlotte, NC)May 25, 2011 at 1:24 PM

    (Hebrews 12:1 NASB) You ran a good set aside everything for the life of your son. Well done!!! As a parent my heart breaks for you; as a brother in Christ my heart rejoices that for Endurance this is not the is only the beginning!!! In this world such acts of complete selfishness are extremely rare. You gave it your all. Your character runs deep. I pray the Lord will comfort you in your time of loss, and that in due time He will turn your mourning to joy!!!

  9. I am so sorry to hear this. My son shared a room with Endurance in Seattle. And he has always had a special place in my heart. He truly did run with Endurance. He fought the hard fight. I pray for comfort in your time of mourning.

    Casey Sallee
    Adams Mom HLHS

  10. {{{Mike, Heather and Children,}}}

    Our prayers and hugs reach out to you through cyberspace when we cannot be with you physically in this time of sorrow and yet time to rejoice in how much God did with Endurance's life.

    I echo what the Karavidas Family wrote above. Endurance has run the race set before him. And so have you. But your race isn't finished. Your race continues.

    In your lap with Endurance, you stood on God's principles when others told you not to. You did what was right in God's eyes, when the consequences might be severe. You fought for life righteously when others would not. You sought the Lord's ways through this may you continue in the next lap of this race.

    Our exhortation to you now is this. God gave you Endurance to shepherd and steward, as He has given you ALL of your children.......for your good and His glory.

    May YOU now continue to Run with Endurance in your hearts as you love, lead, nurture and disciple the children God has entrusted to you for now on this earth. May you now seek to build your family around the truth of Scripture, glorifying Him in your family. May you rebuild your family to God's glory. May the gift of Endurance to your family strengthen you and give YOU Endurance to run the rest of the race set before you.

    To God be the Glory Great Things He Hath Done!

    {{{Hugs dear ones}}}
    The Seargeant Family

  11. Praying for you Holston family. Endurance was such an amazing gift. I was privileged to know him and your beautiful family. May your wonderful memories of such a special boy bring you great joy. I won't forget working with Sarah and Hannah one day doing "arts and crafts" endurance was such a trooper! Give an extra hug to David for me. I loved watching him adore his brother. Love and prayers to you. Nurse H

  12. Mike. Heather and family,
    We continue to pray for you during this time. We appreciated you allowing us the privilege to be with your family during the surgery, and getting to know you. It seemed as if we you were old friends, not the first time we've met. May the grace of God surround you and comfort you, and give you Hope for the future!

    Endurance gone, but not forgotten!
    He is a fallen HERO
    Uniting a church across the country and maybe even the world. 100's and 1000's praying for him and the Holston family.

    God showing himself strong through every step of his short life.

    Mike and Heather choosing to put themselves aside, and unselfishly live by faith. Allowing them to be an inspiration to others. Seeking Gods will and not their own.

    Friendships made that will endure the test of time. Brothers and sisters forever in Christ.

    But most of all.
    God showing us ALL that His church is alive and well through the unity of the body of Christ. Beyond time zones and state borders His church is found in the hearts of men showing love one to another.

    We love you all,
    In Christ <><
    The Cadle's

  13. I hold you all in my prayers at this time. You are an amazing family.

    The Weaving Lady at Childrens

  14. We have never met, but I will never forget you. Your sweet little Endurance has made his permanent mark in my heart and I can't help but ponder the greatness of God in all of this. I'm in awe. Of His faithfulness to you, His children. Of His grace to enable you to give (and seemingly lose) so much. Of how He could use a tiny baby to touch the whole wide world. Thank you. I know that might be weird to "hear" me say. But, truly, I am thankful to you for how you have run this race. I cannot help but beg the Lord to equip my family and I to run as well as you have. May God comfort your every sorrow.

    Love and Hope,
    The Rickstrew Family

  15. Endurance and your family remain in my thoughts and prayers. What an amazing little boy! He will be missed and remain in my thoughts for years to come. Lots of Love,

    Nurse S, SCH

  16. Our family, and especially our 6 children, is weeping for you. Though we've never met, you've been an inspiration to us and a source of great teaching about God's Providence and what the Holy Spirit can enable. We mourn for your loss but rejoice in knowing that Endurance is with our Lord.

    The Schade Family
    New Hampshire

  17. Dear Heather and Mike,
    I am so sorry that Endurance was not able to make it through this. I will always remember that sweet little boy. Love, Denise

  18. Your precious little boy has made such an impact in his brief life on our family and we are all so saddened to hear your heartbreaking news. Thank you so much for taking the time to share him and his testimony with us, showing what it truly looks like to fight the good fight for life and the Lord who loves it. We will continue to pray for you in your grief and will thank our God on every remembrance of you.

  19. Love you and continue to pray for you all. May God keep you close unto Him and complete the good work He has begun in you.
    Diane Huston and family

  20. Half of our children are with Jesus. We know Him Who is the God of all comfort (2Cor 1), and we assure you that He will comfort you in all your affliction. He gave us His Son; He knows your grief and how to comfort you. We pray for your comfort, and for your assurance that He will be your God and the God of your seed after you (Gn 17.7).

    Phil Pockras
    Minister, Reformed Presbyterian Church
    Belle Center, OH

  21. Mike, Heather and family,

    We have never knowingly met, but we are brethren. You have been a testimony of Christ's faithful work for so many, including our family. Endurance frequently brought tears of joy and tears of great concern and compassion as my family followed your journey with him. May the Lord give you peace and I pray you will rest in His steadfast love, and know that our Lord has blessed many, challenged many, convicted many, and been greatly glorified in little Endurance's precious life. Thank you for sharing his life and giving us opportunities to pray for you all.

    Grace and Peace,
    Scott Head and family
    Friendswood, TX