Monday, May 9, 2011

On to our Next Adventure!

Everything is going on so briskly around here lately!  This will be a quick update as it is 2:00am and I'm a bit tired....

Endurance has beat the odds again is is practically recovered from his virus and two infections.  He is breathing on his regular ventilator at regular settings.  All other machines and gas tanks have been put away again!!!  Thank you God!  I am at the hospital right now and just came out of his room.  He is back to holding his mouse's paw and feeling his blanket for comfort.

Columbus here we come!  As of last Friday, the ICU is setting Tuesday as the transport day to Columbus Ohio, Nationwide Children's Hospital!  Yahoo!  I will be going on the ambulance lear jet with him.  Please pray for my nervousness to subside.

It took two days, yet with very loving brothers and sisters we have emptied our home here in Seattle.  Lots of runs to the thrift store to joyfully make donations!!!  Lots of trips to a small storage unit with just bare necessaties.  And our friend will be taking one or two trips to the dump for us with the rest.  God is good!  I've seen my children grow in just this experience alone.  Their brother means more to them than their material objects.  Oh thank you Lord for this lesson.

Mike and Endurance's seven excited siblings will be leaving early tomorrow (or should I say in a couple of hours) for their trek through the northern states and Lord willing, arrive in Columbus sometime on Wednesday.  Please pray for safe travels in a very stuffed van!

We're not exactly sure about lodgings yet, and again I'm thankful that God knows exactly every detail already.

Thank you for your prayers.  I wish I could tell you all face to face how much the Holston's appreciate each one of you and your prayers.  May God bless you this week!!!!

~Heather, for the Holstons


  1. Wow! Your move is bigger--and faster--than ours :-) Praying for you all.

  2. We would be glad to help you however we can with your stay in the Columbus area. Please let us know what you need

  3. Have a safe trip. We will miss you so much. Let us know when you have an address to send letters to.
    The Reilly Clan

  4. Crystal VersluisMay 10, 2011 at 4:38 AM

    Hello Heather this is Crystal Versluis (little Naomi's Mom) Wow I am so excited for your family and pray that all your travels are safe. I was hoping I would get to see you again and maybe meet your little angel. We haven't had any appts. at Seattle Children's for awhile due to Naomi being sick but we are coming back today. Naomi has several appts. and then surgery scheduled this week. I am sure things will be quite busy for you today and you will probably be leaving before we arrive. I pray that every things goes smoothly for Endurance's transport and that he will get the care he needs in Ohio. And I hope that one day I might get the opportuinity to meet this amazing little guy. May GOD be with you and your family.
    Love from the Versluis Family

  5. Your precious Endurance is in my prayers as are all of you. Janet is my sister, Jason, my nephew. Godspeed to you and all of your family for safe travels to Ohio, continued strength and perseverance for little Endurance and you all!

  6. Praise the Lord! We look forward to meeting your family and getting to know you guys. Hopefully we can help you someway. Please just let us know what you may need once you start getting settled. We pray for your safe travels. We will also continue to lift up your family and Endurance in prayer before the throne of grace.
    Love in Christ <>< the Cadle family