Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Surgery updates. May 24

Update #1
Endurance went into the operating room at 7:30 est this morning.  It is now 9:10 am and we've just gotten our first update...

The anesthesiologists have given Endurance a new breathing tube in his left nostril now.  This is by request of the ICU team since the other one had been in his right nostril for over three months and kept growing colonies of bacteria.

Also, Dr. Galantowicz has opened Endurance's chest already and his heart handled it very well!  On his last surgery, as Endurance's chest was being opened, his heart stopped.  Praise God this did not happen again!!!

Update #2
Endurance's pulmonary bands are off!!!  Dr. Galantowicz is now working on Endurance's aortic arch, which is the largest part of this operation.  May God's name be glorified!!!

We had two visitors this morning who drove over three hours away from the south/east part of Ohio.  He's a preacher in West Virginia!

Update #3
Things are going quite well!  The tricuspid valve has been repaired.  They are re-warming Endurance now, which they had to completely cool him for the surgery.  This means to us (Mike and Heather) that they are almost finished!

We now ask for prayer for this.....Dr. Galantowicz will take Endurance off of his heart/lung bypass machine when he's completely finished.  This will tell the doctor if Endurance's heart will tolerate being on it's own.  If his heart doesn't accept not being off of the machine (which Seattle told us he'd never survive off of this), Dr. Galantowicz will put him back on for one hour.  If he can't come off, Endurance will basically pass away there.  He's in God's hands.  May it please Him to have Endurance survive on his own.

Update #4
At 4:15 one of Dr. Galantowicz's assistants came out and said everything seemed to be going well.  They were planning on putting a "patch" on Endurance's pulmonary artery, but it wasn't working so they were intending on putting in a stent.  He was bleeding a lot, but she said this is normal in "hybrid" babies.  She pretty much sounded like things would be almost done within the hour.  We have not heard anything else since then...

So, we are all still waiting for another update.  We still are thanking you for your continued prayers!

P.S. God has blessed us with so many visitors!  We're meeting new friends every day here it seems.

Update #5
Endurance's bleeding has decreased dramatically and his heart pacing is well under control.  The remaining challenge will be the ventilation, which needs to be reduced as soon as possible.

Endurance will be heavily sedated for a couple of days, as well as on "vec" which paralyzes him.  His crib is full of tubes, wires, and machinery, and his chest is open (covered with sterile gauze) to help quicken his recovery, yet he's alive!!!!!  God has spared his life through this surgery!

Thank you for praying throughout the day, as well as many days in the past.  Endurance will need a lot of prayer the next coming days.

Dr. Galantowicz said he'll be in everyday to check in on Endurance and us.  Thank you for praying for him too!  And yes, I gave him a huge hug when he came out of the operating room to talk to us!

 Update #6 
Please pray for Endurance! We were called in early this morning (6 am) due to complications.
Specifics will be sent later through updates.....
He just isn't doing well at all..... 

These updates were received by my mom from Aunt Heather.

Brad Petersen
for the Holston Family


  1. We, the Smith family are so sorry for your loss of your precious Endurance. You have been in our thoughts and prayers daily and we will continue to pray as the Lord comforts you during this time.
    God is sovereign and has a wonderful purpose for all Endurance has gone through.

    Christa, for the Smith family

    Ephesians 1

  2. We met the Holston's at Seattle Children's. Our hearts breaks for their loss. Our prayers are with them at this sad time.

  3. Little Endurance has touched our lives in a big way. Although we've only just met the Holstons, they have been an example of strong faith, always trusting in God and they are a family full of love. Little Endurance had the best while he was here, and there is nothing that compares to a mother's love for her child. What a testimony of God's love and sovereignty to all the people the Holston's have met on Endurance's journey. Our hearts go out to you, and our prayers are with you.
    -The Gabriels