Thursday, March 10, 2011

Six Months Old!

God be praised!  Endurance celebrated his 6-month old birthday today!  (Pictures coming soon)  I believe he enjoyed every minute of it.  His room was decorated when I got there this morning, by Wendy, part of the Child Life department.  Endurance's brothers and sisters made a birthday poster that was posted outside his sliding glass door today, so people would walk by, read the poster, and then pop their heads in to say "Happy Birthday Endurance!"  Also, the girls had made a lot of cupcakes to give to so many people that have taken part of caring for Endurance.  It was so nice to bless so many people!  It was so nice to have a "different" day around here.

The doctors really want to try to get Endurance to "eat."  They started him off this week with 1ml (1/5 tsp) every 6 hours.  He seemed to be tolerating it, though it usually takes a day to really see.  Yesterday they raised his feeds to every 3 hours.  Last night through this morning was terrible on his gut.  A lot of painful kicking and crying for hours.  The nurse checked his residuals and got 3ml out (9 hours worth was still undigested in his gut).  So, again they turned off his feeds.

In this morning's rounds, the fellow doctor said that they should still try and start it again at every 3 hours, but was up for discussing this.  Praise God that I was able to pipe in my two cents and ask to please, if they really want to try this, to try it at 1 ml every 6 hours again for a few days.  They said sure.  On a lighter side, his doctor even said he'd take a bite of his cupcake every six hours for Endurance's sake!  So now we wait.  Please pray that he'll do okay with his feeds.  His gut really needs to have something, anything, in it to "work" and get his good bacteria moving around.  Endurance is surely living up to his name.

All in all Endurance has had a good day.  May he be blessed with a good night as well.  In everything may God be glorified.


  1. Happy Birthday little guy



  2. Happy Happy Birthday Endurance!


    Love the Seargeant Family

  3. Happy Birthday sweet Endurance.
    We love you so much!
    THe Elliott Family

  4. Big smooches to this little sweetheart on his special day!

    The Wanless Family

  5. Happy Birthday, Endurance! The Lord has used you in many ways, and what a precious baby He has made you!


  6. Happy, happy 6th month old birthday, Endurance! Hope you have a great day, cutie!


  7. What a blessing ~ God is faithful in all things!!
    Give Endurance a smooch from us.
    I think I will make a cake tonight for dessert :0)
    Love and Prayers
    The Frees Family

  8. Happy Birthday.

    God is truly in control, continue to praise Him.
    How well we see the love of God who brings beauty from anything in his holy Hand.

    We live a fight for Christ, Endurance fights for life and has lived to Gods glory, touching many lives.

    Love you little buddy.

    In prayer,

  9. Happy Belated Birthday, Endurance. We love you!
    Aunt Chardy, Uncle Dave, Michelle, Jen, Tammy