Thursday, March 24, 2011

Endurance's Poem

I wanted to share with you a poem Hannah (12) wrote to me yesterday!

E is for Elijah, who gives Endurance shows;
N is for "Nice and slow," when he wiggles his tiny toes.
D is for Dilaudid, which he gets when he's fussy,
U is for Uncombed, when his hair is awfully messy.
R is for Race, with him we're running fast!
A is for "Ahhh," when I reach his room at last.
N is for Nice and Neat, he's as cute as can be,
C is for Cute, when he looks up at me!
E is for Endurance, who loves his Mama such, but she loves him even more; she loves him very much!

This sure cheered me up!

Last night our nurse asked if we would give him permission to have Endurance put on his mother's prayer group list back in Georgia!  He said he did this on occasion and knew that we believed in prayer.  What a blessing it was to talk with him about God's will and sovereignty!

Please pray as Mike fervently seeks several second opinions throughout the U.S.  on surgical options for Endurance.  He's spoken with many doctors and has sent out several pkgs with Endurance's reports and echocardiograms on cds.  I'll keep you posted as this progresses.



  1. Tell Hannah that her poem is beautiful and so very sweet! Our prayer continue with y'all.

    The Seargeant Family

  2. Only a happy heart could write such a sweet poem. God has many blessings for us along our way.

    Thank you for sharing Hannah's poem.I could picture Endurance's sweet face as I read her words.You have many treasures in your life.



  3. Great work, Hannah!

    We'll be looking forward to hear of the updates on the results of the packages that Mike sent out...

    Praying still,


  4. I really liked Hannah's poem, very thoughtful and encouraging.

    Our prayers are with Uncle Mike.
    May God bless y'all and Endurance.

    Love from Ca,