Monday, December 13, 2010

God Is In Control

I know it's been a while to post.  We've been trying to fight a bad cold and coughing. We are on our third week with this!  Because of this, Mike has been driving back and forth to the hospital taking the sick children home and bringing me well children for company.  Last week all of them were sick so they were all up here in Seattle together, me tending to the sick kiddos, while Mike stayed at the hospital.  Now I'm sick and still having to stay away from Endurance.  I haven't been with him since last Thursday

When a person like you or I get a cold and pass it to someone else like you or I, we get it, feel miserable, and go on with life.  The nurses have stressed to us that if someone like Endurance, sensitive and very low immunity, were to catch the cold, it could be devastating.  Hence, I have not been able to see him.  However, God has blessed us with loving nurses while I am away.  They hold him, put his Christmas music on, and spoil him with lots of love.

Last week the doctors received word from Boston Children's and Stanford Children's Hospital regarding our request to see if Endurance would be a candidate for a certain surgery that only they perform; in short, scraping the insides of ventricles.  He is not a candidate.  With this news, the doctors told Mike (and me the next day) that we have two choices....#1) they could possibly work it that we could take Endurance home and he would possibly live just 2-3 months.  Or #2) stay at the hospital and he could possibly live 4-6 months.  Wow.  Making a decision about life, isn't that God's department?  Mike and I both knew right off that life is more important.  So our "choice" is to stay here for as long as possible.  Our real choice is to know that GOD IS IN CONTROL!!!!!  Whether he lives until next week or until he's 23, it's in His hands.

I wish I could say that's all that has happened last week.  Nevertheless, Endurance now has an incredible infection called Necrotizing Enterocolitis "NEC," So he's off of his feeds (formula is what he was "eating") for at least one week, possibly two, or???  He's on antibiotics as well.  They actually took his feeding tube out of his nose and replaced it with a suctioning type of tube to "vacuum" anything left in his intestine. It doesn't hurt him at all.

On top of all of this, we're looking at homes to rent up here, close to Endurance.  The neighborhood that this hospital is located is very elite.  It's a safe area to be living at, for Seattle also.  I didn't know that "safe" and "Seattle" could be in the same sentence! We also know that God is in control of this.  I am in awe how God has His impression everywhere I turn.  Or should I say, I am finally seeing this as I put "self" aside.

Romans 8:28-
"And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose. "  May we cling to this verse for whatever we endure today.


  1. Dear Mike and Heather,
    You are in out prayers. I pray for all of you to get over your colds and for Endurance for his dear little life.
    We love you!
    Chardy and the Lang crew

  2. Have y'all looked into Shands Research Hospital in Florida? I spoke with an acquaintance whose grandson was born with half a heart. He became a patient at Shands and they have built the side of the heart he is missing. He is now 3 years old and just had his last surgery, which is supposed to be the last for many years.

    This lady has been through several serious life threatening diseases with her own children....cancer.....flesh eating bacteria...grandson with half a heart.....and they've all survived. She has lots of experience with the medical community. She could not praise Shands enough when I told her of Endurance's condition. She highly recommended that you contact them as they are on the cutting edge.

    Our prayers continue with you.....

    The Seargeant Family

  3. Heather, Mike, and clan - we were so blessed to be with you guys on Saturday and see how God has provided such a lovely home for you to rest in while travelling this journey with Endurance. We continue to pray for you all - and trust in God's sovereign provision.

    The Wanless family....