Friday, November 26, 2010


It's been too long since our last posting.  I do apologize!  A lot has happened since then...

#1 - Endurance has been extubated!!!  No more ventilator!  We're praying that this will be permanent.  He is now breathing with the help of CPAP.  He's been doing so well that he gets "breaks" using a hi-flow tube three times a day for an hour each time.  Yesterday I even got to hold him with nothing connected to his nose!  I held a hose blowing 100% oxygen out, which was just laying on his chest.  He did really well.

#2 - Endurance has now graduated from an infant warming bed to a really neat crib!  It looks like those big, old, white cribs from the early 1920's hospitals, yet can weigh him, it's electrical so the mattress can move.  So his  head and chest are propped up.

#3 - I got to hold him using "kangaroo care!"  Quite modestly so Mike and little sister Faith could come back in the room.  It was so neat!  He fell asleep in my arms.  He seems to like doing that!

We're moving to another room again.  I see I have a hard time with changes.  Moving to different rooms makes me cry as though I were being told his heart is getting weaker.  Part of our sermon at church last week talked about anxiety, and how some people don't appreciate something until it's not there anymore.  Changing rooms gives me that same anxiety which I need to work on.  I always like the room Endurance has after he's moved out of it.  I'm trying to get over this.  It seems so silly and completely minor to what we're dealing with, so please bear with me.  Philippians 4:11 - "Not that I speak from want, for I have learned to be content in whatever circumstances I am!"  We have Amanda as his nurse today!  It's a good day...

Thank you for your prayers!!!


  1. How exciting to see improvements for this precious little man. And what a blessing for you guys to enjoy him knowing that he is breathing on his own. We continue to stand in prayer with you all daily.

    Ammanda Wanless

  2. We've been praying for Baby Endurance. What a blessing for good news!

    The Strang Family