Tuesday, April 19, 2011

In the Waiting Pattern

I just wanted to quickly update y'all...

Last Friday Oregon Children's Hospital called Mike and told him "no" to our request for Endurance's surgery.

Tomorrow Stanford Children's will be presenting Endurance to their team and hopefully we will know their answer shortly.

The Columbus OH surgeon had a few more questions regarding Endurance's overall health.   We asked a specific doctor here to talk with him directly, then this surgeon will re-present Endurance to his team either tomorrow or Friday.

We are still awaiting answers from other hospitals as well.

Behind the scenes we've been meeting with a quaint woman who is now going to play a heavy part in Endurance's departure here from Seattle.  She has all of the paperwork filled out except the "hospital transferring to" line!  We've had doctors bending over backwards to help Endurance.

This is slowly becoming a reality to me.  If Endurance makes it through these high-risk procedures, he actually will be coming home!  We're not sure where "home" will be.  I can't think that far ahead!  There are so many unanswered questions about so much that it can be quite overwhelming.  I am elated that God is in control of everything and I can cast all my cares on Him.

Please continue to pray for our family.  We really appreciate your prayers!!!!


  1. We are praying that the LORD's perfect will be done...and that Endurance goes to where the best doctors are...

  2. Your are in our prayers, God bless y'all and Endurance. Let Gods glory be shown through His life.

  3. Hey Holston Family! We just received a forward that you are coming to Ohio. We are part of Bible Fellowship (the family integrated church in Mansfield) and just wanted to let you know that we will be praying for you! Also, I'm sure that we will all be making contacts to see if anyone has a place for you to stay! Blessings to you as you transition.